In 2002, members of the national touring bands STROKE 9 and VERTICAL HORIZON decided to form a new group, founded on their shared love of quality music, quality entertainment, and quality cocktails. The chemistry was both simultaneously inspiring and frightening as they played hits from both bands, as well as favorite songs from all ages.

With a thousand years of combined musical knowledge, they created a rock and roll Frankenstein, and would hopefully use their newly found power for good, and not destruction. But the tally from this first performance for this new "supergroup", hastily titled BOYS GONE WILD, tells a frightening story: 14 swollen livers, 8 cases of temporary hearing loss, 2 pregnancies, and one severe limp.

Word spread like a fire gone wild. It was actually several words put together into a sentence, and that sentence was, "There's a new band in town, and if you're not doing anything, you should check them out, 'cause they're pretty awesome."

Boys Gone Wild is not just a band, it is a movement. Made up of members of GRAMMY-NOMINATED VERTICAL HORIZON, TOP-5 RECORDING ARTISTS STROKE 9, various friends both musical and not, and some guys off the street, Boys Gone Wild is reinventing the fundamental concept of what it is to be a live band. They strip away the pretension, the posing and posturing, and bring music down to its rockingest essence.

Having played numerous concerts around the world in their respective other bands, the members of Boys Gone Wild know what they would like from a show. You want to hear songs you know, hear songs you forgot you knew, dance a little, have some drinks, have some laughs, maybe hook-up, sing along, and have a good time, all the time. In a typical night, Boys Gone Wild will explore music's history, moving from Prince to the Bee Gees, Kenny Rogers to Def Lepperd, touching on every genre of music from the last half century. Plus you get a plenty of Stroke 9 and Vertical Horizon performed by the original members!

Boys Gone Wild can be called a cover band, but it is so much more. It is better to liken it to the rock equivalent of the piano bar, or a traveling circus, or an escaped group of mental patients who can play instruments.

Boys Gone Wild has successfully rocked crowds at The Red Devil Lounge, Park Bar, Last Day Saloon and numerous other clubs in San Francisco, the Sweetwater in Mill Valley, Blakes in Berkeley, venues in Davis, Chico, Fresno, as well as corporate engagements for Nike, Corona, KITS Live 105 Radio. They've played weddings, parties and sporting events.