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Drunken Prince Charming

Burt Reynolds Movie Brawl (Live)
Walk of Shame (Live)


One of LA's brightest Americana lights, Alabama born and raised GRANT LANGSTON uses a witty mix of danceable old-school honky tonk and mournful traditional ballads. While the focus of the new record is squarely on country staples like drinking and lost love... what makes Koreatown unique is Langston's songwriting voice -- cynical, sad, self-deprecating and often very funny.

Langston grew up two hours south of Nashville in tiny Hartselle, Alabama. As an aspiring singer and songwriter he knew his combination of quirky stories and biting satire wouldn't find favor in the conservative country music Mecca. He needed a home where audiences were unflappable and decided that Los Angeles' Silverlake area seemed just right. So Langston packed his poli-sci degree from Auburn, kissed his girl and law school good-bye and hauled his belongings and unique perspective out to the west coast where he quickly settled in with a group of like-minded musical compatriots.

Live in Bakersfield comes on the heels of Langston's debut EP All This and Pecan Pie, (2000) and three full-length releases: Chinese Fire Drill (2002), Road Side Service (2004), and Koreatown (2006). He has contributed music to TV and Film, and toured the US and Europe. Perhaps with this new CD, Langston is poised to find success beyond Koreatown. "Who the hell knows?," he deadpans. "I'm just looking forward to the next show."

In addition to his original music, Grant covers artists including:

Lynyrd Skynyrd
Rolling Stones
Johnny Cash
Merle Haggard
Willie Nelson
the Clash
Buck Owens
Hank Williams Jr. & Sr.
Creedence Clearwater Revival