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Here Comes My Girl
Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me


is the Bay Area's preeminent tribute to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. With an exciting live show and uncanny sonic similarity to the real thing, HEAVY PETTY has been amazing audiences all over the Bay Area since 2002.

HEAVY PETTY is the brainchild of lead singer Joe Ruiz. Blessed with a voice remarkably similar to Tom Petty's, he thought it could be a lot of fun and enlisted his brother, Marty Ruiz, to play drums. Marty is quite well known as the drummer of Superbooty, SF's premiere funk/party/mayhem extravaganza. They both approached longtime friend Eric Boales and persuaded him to take up the bass in the project, even though his main instrument is guitar. Eric's rock-solid rhythm and excellent harmony vocals are integral to the band's success. Finding lead guitarist KC Cormack and original keyboard player Frank Johnson through Craigslist (where else?), the band played all over the Bay Area for almost three years, playing most major clubs and every dive bar in the Bay Area. When Frank was offered a "real job" as musical director for Beach Blanket Babylon, Adan Schwartz stepped in to save the day. Adding another layer to the HEAVY PETTY sound with his improvisational skills and soulful harmonica playing, HEAVY PETTY carried on without missing a step.

HEAVY PETTY's set list includes songs by the Animals, Byrds, Clash, Doors, Isley Brothers, JJ Cale, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, and Traveling Wilburys.

HEAVY PETTY continues to perform on stages large and small all over the Bay Area. It's a great night out and we invite you to come out and join us. It's always a good time!