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Zebra Three
Oscar's Drivethru
Pietrus for 3
Dirt Bomb
Day in Amnesia
Kicked Out by Coatcheck
Yo Yo Section

Smaller Jazz Combo
(live excerpts):

Says You
Straight No Chaser
Midnight Creeper



Swoop Unit is one of the hardest working, greasy-pocketed, groove-ladened, funky soul jazz machines you will ever hear!! Boasting an all-star veteran cast of players, Swoop Unit members have all been instrumentally active in the Bay Area's Funk, Soul, and Jazz scenes for the past 15-20 years.

Swoop Unit got its start with a weekly gig at Bruno's back in the summer of 1999. At that point, the band consisted of bass, drums, organ and guitar. They were doing the Rare Groove sound and flirted with Acid Jazz. The arrangements, all instrumental, were a perfect match for the lounge culture of the day. But soon they wanted to take the concept to the next level, and invited horn players to sit in. While at Bruno's, Swoop Unit added three great horn players to its sound.

Swoop Unit's focus over the past few years has been on developing up-tempo dance sets. Their original compositions are deeply rooted in boogaloo, soul-jazz and New Orleans funk, with a hint of Latin from time to time. Pretty much anything with a fat (I mean, phat) groove usually gets the party going wherever they play.

With a group of seasoned players as is the Swoop Unit, this band is sure to please. Notorious for their hard work ethic and huge repertoire, Swoop Unit has been building a loyal following over the last several years and filling dance floors with sweaty bodies shakin' it to the Funk. With the release of their original EP and bevy of other original material, Swoop Unit has proven that the Almighty Groove is in Mighty good hands.